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Blue Sky, Inc. is a staffing firm for persons with disabilities was founded in 2003 by Steven Schmit, who has over twenty years experience in the Human Services field. The firm creates service options for people with disabilities. He has both field and supervisory experience in working with individuals with various disabilities.

According to a former employee in the Child & Youth Care sector, "management [at Blue Sky Inc.] could care less (about the children) and due to their lack of concern about their staff's wellbeing, are often left very short staffed and with a high turnover rate". The same ex-employee lamented the "forced 24 shifts".


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Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This company can careless about its workers your paid 7.25 or 8.00 for management NOONE does their job NOONE it’s a sad sad mess you never have the needed products in stock you call someone and no one answers you so you have to figure the problems out yourself"

Support Worker (Former Employee) says

"Overall the company is awful!! Underpaid every time. I went into the company with no training what so ever. Even though the client was violent I still had no training. Never had any support from management."

Child and Youth Care Worker (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Bluesky for three years, met so many great coworkers who are amazing CYCWs, however when I became very burnt out, no one helped me. Instead I began getting disciplined for calling in sick because I was mentally exhausted. I ended up leaving because management didn’t care or even know the workers. I had some very rewarding experiences with clients. Management hasimproved but need to continue to step it up."

Temp Worker (Former Employee) says

"I work for them for 6 months and in six months they had me work in 3 different locations..the lack of communication is really bad and its no type of benefits"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"You have to work your shift alone. Manager would not answer when you call him after he left for the day.The schedule is always posted late. The manager told me he understood my situation regarding my son becoming sick and he told me he would work with me. Cons: Working by yourself"

Cleaning Crew (Former Employee) says

"They are very inconsiderate , after my mom died I had to take time off and she told me I could only have 3 days off and that She would make me put my 2 weeks in if more than 3 d Cons: Paid lunch"

Ground Worker (Former Employee) says

"great management and workforce, they took me on and I learned a lot of new skills. They also put me through for my CCDO card and paid for it.........."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at Blue Sky is getting ridicule by your supervisor and when they don't even know how to do the job. I do not recommend this work place for anyone. Cons: Nobody will listen especially the owners"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend anyone to work, was embarrassed by the district manager always being rude to employee's and customers manager didn't stay long she was always crying Cons: Everything"

Travel consultant (Former Employee) says

"working for bluesky was good for me because i learned how to issue tickets and became travel consultant to enhance my CV and now a days i can work as sale and tickiting. Cons: normal working hours"

CHILD AND YOUTH CARE WORKER (Current Employee) says

"This job is a good one in theory, it has decent pay, and you get fulltime hours. The problem is you are not respected by the management, you are on the front line, keeping them in jobs but they treat you like nothing. The kids are the best part of the job, but some days its hard to see who is really being helped."

Child and Youth Care Worker (Former Employee) says

"This company does not offer any benefits to staff. And management is rude and disrespectful to their employees. Was a good experience but very stressful. Cons: Rude management"

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"A company who does not fully train people to be able to preform their job adequately. There is room for advancement but the company expects you to dedicate your life to the company with little respect that you have a family at home."

Therapist (Former Employee) says

"Poor management and poor ethics. Only worried about making money. They place this above doing what is right for their patients and staff. They also hire management positions based on who their friends are not who is qualified for the job."

Medical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"There is a lot of turnover with people quitting and being let go. The staff is fake and makes fun of patients behind their backs. A lot of mistakes were made during charting patient information. Expectations are for the business only. They don't actually care about patients, they just want to make money. Cons: Poor leadership, communication and management."

Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"I only had 1 client with this agency but management made it super difficult to do My job the best way I can. Management was so unprofessional it would become stressful. Cons: Management was unpleasant and unprofessional."

Child and Youth Care Worker (Former Employee) says

"Working as a youth care worker is a challenging career. You are assisting youth that have many behavioural issues to develop life skills, ensure they follow the rules, etc. I found there wasn’t much support from management/team lead."

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Manager when i worked was NEVER on time and he was the relief for the over night shift. Every time he was suppose to be there at 6 the other manger would have to be called and woken up to come work his asst managers shift. This was everyday."

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"loved making people happy, making some ones day make my heart smile. Keep the store nice in clean. Blue Sky is a convenient store ........................................................ Cons: no raises"

call center (Former Employee) says

"El ambiente en esta empresa era un poco pesado pero igual como trabajadora de este lugar no me gustaba involucrarme en estos inconvenientes quería seguir conservando mi puesto. Cons: no descasabamos"

Current Employee - Senior Technical Director says

"I have been working at Blue Sky Studios full-time for more than 3 years Cons: - owned and (mis)managed by FOX - god awful inept and right out lying HR dept - lowest salaries in the industry - most 'supervisors' without any experience outside this company - pipeline is just a pipe dream - unrealistic deadlines - panic management at every step - dept heads incompetent, mostly clueless and mean spirited"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Blue Sky Studios full-time Cons: Each department is an island, with equal power. Interdepartmental communication is all about protecting turf. Supervisors are not interested in collaborating which makes production unnecessarily difficult and ultimately wasteful. It's a recipe for decay."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Blue Sky Studios full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Active effort on the part of management to suppress any innovation, advancement of the craft, and other hard to quantify budgetary "unknowns". If it's not faster/cheaper, or you can't prove it's faster/cheaper, or you can prove it but they don't get it, then don't bother. Leadership is basically a good-old boys/girls club. They systematically weed out anyone trying to push creative or technical boundaries and replace them with Company men/women that fall in line. Most people that stick around for the long term do it less out of genuine loyalty and feeling rewarded and more because they either have family in the area or have gotten used to a steady paycheck with pretty much minimal effort. Can't argue with a system that gives you steady employment and puts your kids through college, but every day feels like your selling yourself out just a little bit more."


"I have been working at Blue Sky Studios Cons: Not enough knowledge of projects to allow for focused development time. Crunch periods are longer than at other studios- upper mgmt considers this par for the course. These crunch periods are unsustainable. Crew feels little appreciation. Studio in middle of nowhere. Need car to get decent lunch. Schedules are not based in reality, but hope."


"I have been working at Blue Sky Studios Cons: The studio is run in very cloak and dagger. Artists usually read about the casting of the movie online before hearing about it from management. The mentality of the studio is very 1997. The studio resists change and rewards yes men. The production pipeline is ridiculously stupid and inefficient. The work is uninspiring and very beige. We can't tell a story to save our lives. The initial concepts are usually exciting and great, but then Fox must fit these ideas into it's beige producing demographic machine. There is a reason Pixar is respected: they take chances. The pay sucks. The contracts suck. 0% 0% 2%. Enough said."


"I have been working at Blue Sky Studios Cons: Management is very tight with money, to the detriment of the studio. As another reviewer mentioned here, the bottom line always wins, and as a result efforts particularly in technology are not given the support they need to truly succeed. Also, to second the comment about management skills, there is a sort of willful ignorance at the studio about how to manage people, which goes all the way up to HR. If you are a technologist you will find the studio a frustrating place. Projects are disorganized and unfunded, and there is no "vision" for the future that management enforces, so if you want to change things, good luck. For a studio of this size the IT organization is absolutely tiny, with a lot of spit and bubble gum holding the place together. Management is more supportive of the status quo than any real efforts to change this, even while they pay lip service to being forward thinking."


"I have been working at Blue Sky Studios Cons: . The bottom line wins almost every argument. therefore people who promise they can deliver within budget are listened to and elevated..even if they are delivering is substandered material.The middle management I have dealt with has been scared, bullying, and worst of all they put thier own power squabbles above the best interest of the movie."


"I worked at Blue Sky Studios Cons: Upper management does not want to hear about leadership incompetence. Many who are promoted to leadership positions lack people skills."

Current Employee - Production Coordinator says

"I have been working at Blue Sky Studios full-time Cons: As the company grows and adds new people in leadership roles, it has become really difficult for workers that have been there for a good amount of time to ‘prove themselves’ to them. This forces the studio to miss good talent and people end up quitting because they’ve been waiting and working really hard to be valued."

Former Employee - FX Technical Director says

"I worked at Blue Sky Studios full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Management can be detached from the crew. The style choices and infrastructure may feel limiting at times. Their remote location makes the commute a challenge."

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